About Us

In July of 2016, Stampede’s name was changed to Lineage Mailing Services. The management team at Lineage Mailing Services has provided quality services for hundreds of businesses in the Midwest for over 20+ years. Lineage Mailing Service was formed to bring discounts down market to all size mailers. The team has over 70 years’ experience in supporting mailing customers.

In 1991, the founders started Discount Mailers, a barcode and presort bureau in Kansas City, grew it and eventually sold the business to PSI in 1999.  PSI was later sold to Pitney Bowes Presort Services.

The company initially began in 2001 by providing inserting and postage metering services to small volume customers. They also picked up the presort mail from customers as a subcontractor. They grew the business to daily pickups of approximately 150+ customers in the Kansas City metro area.

In early 2013, Stampede was acquired by Williams Holdings. Williams Holdings also owns Lineage, the local Neopost / Hasler postage meter dealer and other office equipment dealers in 4 other states.

A sizable investment was made for equipment, technology and commercial space to bring the company back into the presort processing business in 2013.

Lineage Mailing Service continues its commitment to help businesses find innovative ways to offset the rising cost of postage. We take great pride in offering secure, reliable and convenient services to our valued business partners.

For additional information, please contact Drew Peterson at 913-888-0333.